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The Sweet Smell of Success

At Protheroe Property we know first impressions count - whether it’s a job interview, a date or viewing a property.
Home buyers nowadays make even quicker snap judgements than they did a decade ago.

We constantly find that buyers want properties that not only appeal to their eyes but also their noses.
I’m sure you’ve read or heard about how properties where the smell of coffee brewing or freshly baked bread makes viewers swoon. 

However, in the real world it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have an endless stream of homemade loaves in the oven or a constant cafetiere on the go – unless you’re selling a coffee shop of course.

Realistically the best way to create an instant positive impact on once someone’s sense of smell when they have stepped through your front door is a combination or ALL of the following:

Fresh flowers – not only look good they smell good.
Freshly painted walls – always a good investment when preparing a property for sale.

Clean crisp bed sheets and don’t forget there are some fantastically subtle plug-in air fresheners are on the market now.

The smells to avoid like an overflowing fish bin on the hottest day of the year include:

Stale tobacco.
Food caddies which are full of old food in the kitchen.
Cheap and nasty air fresheners.
Old cat litter, damp dog blankets and any other animal related smells.

Put simply nice smells sell while stale air fails.

Thanks for reading,

The Protheroe Property Team,